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At Children’s tales, our mission is to foster the whole child.

We believe that children are like seeds. Under the right conditions, their inner strengths will blossom and lead them to grow, explore, and thrive in their own way. They are naturally rich in imagination and eager for knowledge.

We foster our children with care by creating meaningful experiences and friendly environments, in which their inner strengths can be awakened and inspired. Throughout this process, the developmental needs of children are met and the nature of children is respected. As a result, our children will grow up as competent, confident, and sociable individuals who are broad in horizons.

A Career at Children's Tales

We believe that attracting and fostering a talented and diverse workforce is crucial to our success, and more importantly, to the success of our students. As a result, we believe firmly in the talents that we’ve chosen. Our foreign teachers are the leaders of the class and Chinese teachers are there to support them. We care about the career development of our staffs, so there are plenty of opportunities for growth within the company. We give aspiring teachers the opportunity to develop their own lesson plans and contribute to the design of the curriculum. We encourage our teachers to discover and practice their own unique style of teaching. No two lessons are the same at Children’s Tales. Teachers interested in management and administration will have access to those positions within the company later in their career. The possibilities are endless.

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About Us

what we hold dear

Located in the capital of the world’s second-largest economy, Children’s Tales has nine branches in Beijing and one in Cheng Du. Our kindergartens offer a beautiful environment for our students and a professional environment for our teachers. We currently employ over fifty foreign teachers at our modern and spacious locations. Our staffs are made up of both Chinese and foreign teachers. We care deeply about our children and want our staffs to do the same.

All in all, the children at Children’s Tales remain our number one priority. We place great emphasis on the education and development of our children. Therefore, it's important for us to have teachers or aspiring teachers that want to offer the best of themselves and grow with our students. We are not dictators in our classrooms, we are invited into our children’s world. Therefore, our job as educators is to enrich their world as much as possible and give them the necessary support for them to become the persons that they are meant to be. That is the kind of environment we work in and that is what we hold dear.

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Our Environment

A Kingdom of Imagination

From puzzles to cookware, our resources enable students to interact creatively with their teacher and with one another. As teachers, you can use our resources to easily interact with our children and be part of their world. We also provide children books and a cozy corner for story time. 

Our classrooms become children's kingdom, where their imagination is fueled by a variety of stimulating activities and stories.

Our Custom-designed Curriculum

Our school has designed a series of teaching programs to help kids progress faster in learning English and important life lessons. 

Our custom-designed curriculum includes the following Specialities:

¤ Language studies with a natural English immersion.

¤ Hands-on activities for children to fully participate in our classes and develop fine motor skills.

¤ Art Studio offers an approach for developing children's creativity and imagination as soon as they start at our kindergarten.

¤ Science Lab allows children to develop their curiosity through experimentation and hands-on projects. 

¤ Life Style concentrates on showing children practical life skills like cooking and cleaning etc.

¤ Sports give children the opportunity to try an array of exercises like martial arts, football, roller skating.

¤ Scout Sessions teach children to be curious by visiting museums or exploring the outdoors and learn about nature.

¤ K to G1 help children to make the transition to elementary school by giving them a head start on various subjects.

¤ Piano Lessons allow children to learn music one-on-one with our music teacher.

(The core of our custom curriculum is based on North American guidelines.)

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Children’s Tales has nine branches around Beijing and one branch in Chengdu.

Shang Jie Branch

Chao Yang Distrct, Gan Lu Yuan Nan Li NO. 25, (Shang Jie Gou Wu Zhong Xin Floor 4)

CLASS Branch

Chao Yang District, Wang Jing Guang Ze Lu NO. 6 Class Bie Shu 10-5-101

Chao Yang Yuan

Chao Yang District, Gan Lu Yuan Nan Li NO. 25, Chao Yang Yuan Floor 2, 2D

Bai Zi Wan Branch

Chao Yang District, Bai Zi Wan Dong Li Yan Hai Sai Luo Cheng Xiao Qu Building 410-411

Jing Yuan Branch

Shi Ji Jin Yuan Gou Wu Zhong Xin, E30 elevator, 5L

Tian Yong Yuan Branch

Chang Ping Disctrict, Tian Tong Yuan, Bei Er Qu, Jia NO. 3 Building 1.

Ju Zi Branch

Hu Guang Zhong Jie NO.8, Ju Zi Jiu Dian.

Ya Yun Cun Branch

Chao Yang District, Da Tun Li NO.118, Hua Yue Guo Ji Gong Yu Building H.

Beijing Main Office

Beijing, Wangjing,
Soho Tower
2 B, Office 1803